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The Beach Boys once belted out the lyrics Surfin’ is the only life “The only way for me, now surf, surf with me”. Even though a lot has changed in the world since that song was released in 1962, one thing has remained the same, people’s love affair with surfing. Luckily if you’re vacationing near Avon, OBX North Carolina, there are plenty of beaches to learn if you’re a novice or hit the water if you already know how to surf.

Avon is a popular destination for surfers due to its prime location on Hatteras Island. So let’s look at some of the best places to surf in Avon, NC. It’s important to remember, before heading out, you need to check the local surf forecast and tide charts and also practice the proper surf etiquette and safety precautions.

5 Best Surf Spots in Avon, OBX

1. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach

This beach is located just South of Avon, and it offers surfers consistent waves for locals and visitors alike. According to Surfline, on average, September and March are the most consistent months (i.e. number of days over chest-high), followed by October and November; but December typically offers the biggest, highest-quality surf and the best conditions. The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June through November with peak activity from mid-August through early October. Tropical systems can deliver some of the best swells of the year, but they can also impact the region negatively — bringing onshore winds along with the swell, or worse, a destructive landfall.

2. Avon Pier

The pier is a popular spot for not only fishing but also surfing, offering a consistent break and easy access to the water. It’s an especially great place for beginners to practice their skills. According to Surfline, the best conditions are S wind swells or large NE wind swell/swell events, and it handles NW winds better than other points further north. It is always worth checking with the right wind and swell combination before heading out.

3. Askins Creek

Located on the southern point of Avon, surfing in Askins Creek, North Carolina offers a unique and secluded experience for surfers seeking solitude. With its uncrowded beaches and consistent waves, Askins Creek provides an ideal setting for both beginners and experienced surfers to enjoy the thrill of riding the waves in a serene coastal environment.

4. The Point

Also known as the “S-Curves,” this spot is located at the southern end of Avon and is known for its long, peeling waves that are perfect for longboarding.

5. The Haulover Day Use Area

Located between Avon and Buxton, this beach offers a variety of breaks and is known for its consistent waves. It can get crowded during peak surf season.

Plan Your Summer Surf Getaway in Avon, NC

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